Project Banshee

IMG_4299 - Final Edit

Rambling Gadabouts is up and running to share the bumps, bruises and photographs ahead. Merely a seedling thirteen years ago, our passion for embarking on an extended itinerary-less world adventure has been nurtured through strategic planning and sacrifice into our current objective: PROJECT BANSHEE. With our belongings downsized to the mere essentials and our home stuffed into a sea-can, our drive is to experience countries, cultures and people abroad for the next 9 months. We will always opt for interesting over easy and we aspire to hone our photography abilities with so many unique and interesting possibilities. Feel free to comment, ask questions and make suggestions as we’re interested in hearing from you. Our first Field Status Report dispatched from our yellow 1969 Series IIA Land Rover on the African continent is nearly ready for posting. Stay tuned. Cheers, Tamaira & Michel

“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.

– Susan Sontag –

21 responses to “Project Banshee”

  1. Guy says :

    Great trip. Have good safe time

  2. Bryan says :


    LOVE IT!

    ROLL ON…

    Bryan and Susan

  3. John and Betty Zahara says :

    A fond Hello from these old fogies in Culp. Thanks for adding us to your contact list – we’ll be following your rambling with great interest. Happy rambling!!!

    • Rambling Gadabouts says :

      Keeping this old Landy running may require a farmer on the team – let us know if you’re interested!

      • Uncle and Auntie says :

        Uncle Buck would go give you a hand but he’s frozen solid! Sorry!

      • Rambling Gadabouts says :

        If he could just get thawed out long enough to make it here, he’d have the opposite problem. We’re constantly overheating and just can’t take in enough fluids. They say Africa is not for sissies and we’re finding out that this is too true.

      • Diane & Don says :

        We are very interested in giving you a hand. it may take us a few days to get there, by then you should know what repairs you need so let us know and we can bring them along. hahaha
        love mom & dad

      • Rambling Gadabouts says :

        Could have definitely used a hand. Spent a week welding up the frame/fuel tank mounts and overhauling the brakes, prop shaft and various seals. We’re just installing a second stainless steel fuel tank today before firing up to head down the Garden Route. Meet us in Cape Town and we’ll pick you up at the airport on our way by.

      • mom & dad says :

        sounds like you had to do alot of work on the old girl. By the time you are done with it it will be like brand new!! See you in Capetown.

      • Rambling Gadabouts says :

        The plan is for a full scale restoration along the way, however the accountant’s budgetary constraints are hampering my efforts…..

  4. Yzelle says :

    Hallo from all of us at 1322! Thanks for sharing Rambling Gadabouts – enjoy Capetown :)

  5. Courtney says :

    I love reading about your adventures! Looks like you are having a great time-be safe!!

    • Rambling Gadabouts says :

      Thanks Courtney. We’re enjoying the slow pace of our travels. We just finished a couple weeks of trekking in the Himalaya – new post soon. Hope all is well in Edmonton. Take care, Tamaira

  6. Stephen Wellman says :

    Welcome to Malta… Stephen from Zurrieq great thing to do.. see you

  7. Mark goddard says :

    Awesome and inspiring to go adventure and experience different things. Keep it up!

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