RIP Flip Flops :(


Blessed with a super light, simple design and a weak tread abrasion resistance
You’ve been zip tied
You’ve been siliconed and tire patched
You were chewed on by an energetic puppy
You were my exit ticket from the Andes when my Garmont boots were stolen
You’ve protected my feet from razor sharp African thorns and doggy doo doo
You’ve been called into action as a fly swatter
You’ve saved me from picking up countless hostel shower warts
You’ve been my go-to lightweight footwear
I considered retreading you to earn a few more miles
In the end, I’ve come to terms with the fact that you’ve reached your expiry
For my safety you must be taken out of service effective immediately
I will honour your legacy and the many battles you fought by never forgetting the good times
Farewell flip flops, I can only hope that your replacements are just as bold and brave but with a more robust sole compound

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10 responses to “RIP Flip Flops :(”

  1. Daniel Dubrule says :

    My condolences. It’s always tough to see the passing of a great sole.

  2. provenoverland says :

    Sorry to hear about your loss, may your next pair be able to fill the shoes of the last ones.

  3. Aunty sylviane says :

    So sorry you have to leave your precious sole.

  4. Sherilyn Houle says :

    RIP. May they rest in pieces.

  5. Noelle says :

    I feel your pain! I had to leave a favourite pair behind in Australia. I think of them often. I have faith you’ll get through it.

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